Tenant Guide

What tenants need to know when moving into a property

Use this helpful checklist as a guide to the basics of renting. Whether it’s a room, flat or house, you’ll still need to do most of this stuff. Either before you move in. Or shortly after. Let’s check it out:

Moving In – You need to contact your utility suppliers IMMEDIATELY and let them know the names of all the people who are living in the property. You’ll also need to give them the meter readings or you’ll end up paying the bills of the previous tenants:

Contacting Utility Suppliers – The current utility supplier contact details will usually be on the notice board from the previous tenant.  You can change your supplier at anytime

Council Tax  – All full-time students are exempt from paying council tax, please provide us with your council tax letter issued by the Accomodation Office. Sorry professionals but you do have to pay council tax. You can visit the following pages on Wolverhampton Council web site to learn more about this.

TV License – If you have a TV you will require a TV License for further information visit www.tvlicensing.co.uk or call 0870 850 1202

Telephone or Broadband – To arrange for a telephone landline, call either BT, Virgin. If your phone line needs to be reconnected, you’ll have to pay for it. You will also need to provide your own handset. If the phone is shared among a number of tenants itemised billing is essential.
Noise – In the first instance, we suggest you approach your neighbours and simply let them know that their noise is disturbing and disruptive. If you ask for a bit of consideration, this usually does the trick. However, if the noise persists, you can contact the local Environmental Health office on 01902 551188. They will monitor the situation and issue a fine or other legal proceedings if necessary.

Bin Collection – Please contact City Direct on 01902 551188 and give your address and they will let you know the day of collection or just simply ask a neighbour.

Security – If you are away from the property for extended periods (ie. Christmas, holidays, summer break) make certain that all valuables have been removed, and all security measures ARE in use.

(Disclaimer: Please note that information on these pages is only for general guidance. You should refer to your tenancy agreement if you are in doubt about the legal status of any issues covered on this web site)