Q. I want to move out before the end of my tenancy
A. On an Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement, you’re legally bound until the end of your tenancy period. We can however discuss ending your tenancy if you have a replacement. Please contact us to discuss this.

Q. Can my parents pay for my rent?
A. Anyone can pay rent on your behalf. However, the legal responsibility lies with you.

Q. Can I pay my rent using post-dated cheques?
A. Standing Orders are a more efficient way of paying and collecting your rent. If there is a reason why you are unable to set up a Standing Order, then we’ll be happy to listen and try and help you.

Q. Do you offer summer discount?
A. Generally we don’t, but this very much depends on the particular house that you’re interested in, please ask during the viewing.

Q. Do you offer properties with bills included?
A. Yes, sometimes! Please fill in the form in the shared accommodation page, letting us know what your requirements are and, and we’ll get back to you.

Q. Can I get my own furniture?
A. Absolutely. Please make sure you remove any personal items before you leave.

Q. What happens if I fall into arrears?
A. You’ll be charged for every week that you fall into arrears. Please refer to your tenancy agreement for details on charges that could be applied. The sooner you let us know of any extenuating circumstances the quicker we can try and work with you. We don’t like charging you fines, and we’re sure that you also don’t like the embarrassment (and cost) of not paying your rent on time.

Q: What happens when the contract expires
A: We normally get in touch with you 2 months before the contract expires to see if you are staying or leaving. Should you wish we can sign a new tenancy or continue on a month by month basis if no contract is signed.  If you are leaving we ask you clear the house of personal belongings and clean the Kitchen, bathroom and living areas.  Also contact the utility companies and give them your meter readings etc to get your final bill

Q: What is the procedure for signing a tenancy agreement
A: We will need to check your right to rent status to rent within the UK which will involve doing checks on your status with a passport and visa

Q: What am I as a tenant responsible for
A- Prompt payment of rent.
– Prompt payment of gas, electricity, telephone and Internet bills.
– Reporting any damages and repairs to the property as early as possible.
– Carrying out odd jobs in the property in a Tenant like manner such as changing light bulbs etc.
– Repairing any damage caused by you at the property which includes unblocking a sink or toilet which has been blocked due to your misuse.

Q: What maintenance issues is the landlord responsible for
A – The gas appliances and pipe-work at the property are safe and we are obliged to have a qualified engineer to test these on an annual basis. You will be provided with a copy of this certificate which should indicate that all of the appliances and pipe-work are safe.
– The electrical appliances that are supplied to you at the property are safe.
– The structure of the building is maintained to include walls, drainpipes, guttering, roof and windows.
– The hot water and heating are operational. If they should malfunction, then we are responsible for ensuring that they are fixed in a short space of time